Preventative Care.

Preventative care is about more than tune-ups and inspections.

How Can We Help?

  • Scheduled Fleet Maintenance

    We coordinate with fleet managers to track vehicle mileage and service history, schedule preventative care, and generate performance reports that to drive your vehicle management decisions.

  • Brake Line & Parts Adjustments

    From inspections to adjustments, we ensure that your vehicles and equipment run at optimal braking performance.

  • Fuel System Inspection & Cleaning

    From filters to injectors, we inspect and clean fuel systems to maximize efficiency.

  • Coolant Flush & Fill

    We clean and flush your coolant system to remove minor scale and corrosion to increase heat transfer efficiency.

  • Oil Changes

    Our technicians will drain old oil, replace the engine oil filter, and fill new oil to specifications in all vehicles and equipment.

  • Lubricants

    From fifth wheel to rear differential to hyrdaulics, we'll check and fill the lubricants that keep your vehicles and equipment running at the highest performing levels.

Increase Uptime And Safety.

We've designed a preventative care program aimed at maximizing the performance and dependability of your vehicles and equipment—because we care about you.

Our People Make All The Difference.

We are more than engine and transmission repair. We are a preventative care partner for the people who depend on their vehicles and equipment day in and day out.

  • 100+ years of commercial vehicle service experience
  • Best-trained service technicians
  • Innovative program focused on driver and operator safety
  • Data-driven, analytical performance reports
  • Service centers located around the country


W.W. Williams is easy to work with and is very knowledgeable. They always provides great customer service and I am comfortable working with them. I can communicate the issues with my trucks through email and they get on it right away.  

Specialized Transportation Company Truck Service

W.W. Williams was expedient, had great quality service, and did a great job. We went to Freightliner first and they didn’t have time to work on our vehicle, but W.W. Williams was happy to do it. 

Demolition Contractor Vehicle Service

W.W. Williams did an excellent job. 

Trucking Company Truck Service

W.W. Williams was very helpful. 

Trucking Company Truck Service

All Makes. All Models.

We represent some of the top brands in the industry. Here's a small sample:

WheelTime Promise

Get It Done Right, The First Time.

W.W. Williams is a member of the WheelTime Service Network, a network of service locations across the US and Canada dedicated to getting you back on the road in the shortest possible time.

The Wheeltime Promise
  • Initial assessment within two hours of arrival
  • Completed repairs in the fastest time possible
  • We will meet the cost estimate given
  • We will meet the time estimate given
  • We will notify you within 30 minutes after last labor
  • We will do it right, the first time